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Saturday November 26, 2011 / MEET ASHTANGA WORKSHOP / BASHIR SAADE

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Saturday November 19, 2011 / Sunday November 20 2011 / JIVAMUKTI YOGA DOUBLE WHAMMY WEEK END

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Saturday October 8, 2011 / LOCAL MALA

LOCATION: BONITA BAY – BATROUN (see directions below)

DATE: October 8, 2011

COST $ 70 (Rental of space / Entry tickets / Lunch / Donation)


- 10:00 am to 12:30 pm Wickedly energizing 108 Sun Salutes followed by a well deserved Savasana

- 1:00 pm Vegetarian Lunch /

- AFTERNOON: Mingle / Dip in the Mediterranean / Fun and Sun / Siesta

- 6:00 pm Sunset Meditation


To register, please reply to this email and make sure to settle payment prior to date of event to secure your spot, I will not be handling money the day of. You can deposit fee during one of the classes at h(OM)e Yoga studio or in a sealed envelope with your name at LIWAN store downstairs from h(OM)e Yoga Studio. Full refund up to 48 hours prior to event, 50% after. No refunds on the day of.


a- Please do not shy away from the number 108, it sounds harder than it actually is. I have seen many students start out reluctantly and finish in awe. Beginners you are more than welcome to join, with the right intention in the heart anything is possible. Sun Salutations performed in a loop provide a sense of mediation in movement, plus you get to do them facing the sea. How freakishly awesome!

b- You will be given a green bracelet at the reception upon arrival. This is to recognize you as a participant in the Global Mala event and allow you access to Yoga sessions and lunch, so please make sure to give your names at the door.


North Highway to Batroun, exit highway by following signs that say: Bonita Bay or Pearl Beach. Take bridge underpass to coastal road and there you are. Please allow a comfortable one hour from Beirut, respect your fellow yogis and be on time.


I consider myself fortunate and blessed with the generosity and love that is bestowed upon me everyday by my family, friends, and students. I have been committed to Global Mala for the past 5 years as a way to give back. By participating in this event, you will be contributing to the happiness of others, as part of the proceeds will go to charity. Global Mala is a worldwide event which occurs every year throughout the world, its purpose is to raise awareness about peace through means of yoga. All studios, teachers and practitioners come together and give back through their efforts and practices.

Mala means “bead” so by participating we would be allowing this chain of love to expand beyond the confines of our own selfish practice.


September 30 to October 2nd, 2011 / BEYOND ASHTANGA with Stefan Prowaznik 2nd WS series

We are thrilled to announce the second “Beyond Ashtanga” workshop series in Lebanon this year with Stefan D. Prowaznik @ Yaya Yoga Space

Friday, 30th of September, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Introduction to the principles of Ujaii Breath, Bandhas, Vinyasa(movement led by the breath), followed by an Ashtanga based vinyasa flow sequence & finished by a inversion sequence & deep relaxation.

Saturday, 1rst of October 11:00 am to 1:30 pm

Sun Salutes, Standing sequence, part of primary series & FINISHING SEQUENCE- Savasana – deep relaxation

Saturday 1rst of October 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Vinyasa flow warmup & going through second part of primary,

And basic technique of Jumpbacks & throughs

Different options, to challange all levels of practitioners –

Sunday 2nd of October 11:00 am to 1:30 pm

Led primary/ (whole- depending on the level) w finishing sequence &

Sunday 2nd of October 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Meditation, pranayama, Q & A,

COST: Down payments are required as limited Space- First come first booked 

45$ per session

85$ per day Sat or Sun

145$ Sat AND SUN

160$ for the full thing FRI AND SAT AND SUNDAY

For RSVP and Booking:

Mobile: 03-711967

Email: OR


Sunday September 25, 2010 / YOGA CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH (organized by Hiba Saab / led by Stefan Prowaznik) 

10:00AM – 2:00PM

Chueifat, Lebanon (20 minute drive from Beirut near the airport)

10:00 – 10:30am Good Morning Tea Party

*choose from a selection of herbal teas, each with a unique homeopathic benefit

*connect with other workshop participants

*discuss intentions for the workshop

10:30 – 12:30pm Energizing Yoga Session with Yoga Nidra

*invigorating asana practice suitable for all levels on the villa

terrace – lead by STEFAN D. PROWAZNIK (

*guided Yoga Nidra Meditation (second variation – complete Yoga Nidra)

Benefits of Yoga Nidra: achieve a deep state of meditation with

complete relaxation of the physical body, alleviate insomnia, guide

the subconscious to manifest a goal or desire you are working towards

12:30 – 2:00pm Gourmet Champagne Brunch

*MENU: Champagne, fresh squeezed fruit juices, fluffy vegetable

omelet, selection of gourmet cheeses and crackers, homemade pancakes

with fresh berry compote, seasonal fresh fruit platter


RSVP & Pay by WEDNESDAY September 14 – 40$

After Wednesday September 14 – 50$

**Contact Hiba

Mobile: 71 801 049 **




Saturday June 4 /   SURYA NAMASKAR A WORKSHOP10am – 12:30pm

 Surya Namaskara… salute to the sun… also commonly referred to as “Vinyasa”, is an integral part of almost every style of yoga commonly practiced around the world today.  Depending on the context and the style of yoga you prefer, you may be doing up to 108 sun salutations in one practice… that’s a lot of Chaturangas, Updogs, and Downdogs.  Any slight variation in alignment or slight shifting of your weight, over time, can cause great strain, and possibly irreversible damage, to the ligaments of the shoulder heads, the sensitive joints (elbows and knees), and on the vertebrae of the upper and lower spine.  Vinyasas are a huge culprit of repetitive stress injury.  On the other hand, if done properly (ie. in a way that feels good for the body, allowing energy to move freely with proper alignment), Vinyasas can also be energizing at times when you feel discouraged, they can provide a much needed opportunity for rest, grounding, re-focusing and regrouping, and they can also offer a source of great strength, stamina, and stability for the practice, not to mention a yummy stretch that makes you tingle all over.

If you are new to yoga, and especially if you’ve been practicing sun salutations for years, this workshop will shed some light on the intricate details of the Vinyasa that you may have not been aware of before.  Check your ego at the door, and join us on a humbling exploration of the basic sun salutation, getting into the intricacies of some of the foundational yoga postures (Tadasana, plank, Chaturanga, Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, and Adho Mukha Svanasana).  Explore how props (blocks and straps) can unveil the hidden mysteries locked inside these poses to launch your Vinyasa out of orbit.

Sunday June 5 / INVERSIONS WORKSHOP10am – 12:30pm

 Balance your Solar Plexus Chakra with this 2-Hour inversion practice.  Find Tadasana in your inversions and feel as though you are standing on your feet instead of your hands, access a breakthrough in an inversion you’ve been working towards, use props (blocks and straps) to achieve or deepen your understanding of inversions that are challenging for you, and work safely on advanced inverted backbends such as Vrischikasana (Scorpion Pose) and Viparita Dandasana (Upward Facing Staff Pose).  It’s summer… time to play!   Enjoy.

Each Workshop: $30           Both Workshops: $45

For more information, Contact:  Hiba Saab      (mobile) 71 801049    (email)

Facebook Group: Hiba’s FREE Yoga Classes


June 3-4-5 /ASHTANGA WEEK END Maaser al Chouf  / Olga Pavlova and Joao Albergaria

Yoga retreats serve the primary purpose of immersing oneself fully in the attitude, discipline and physical dimension of the practice (asanas), away from all the distractions of one’s daily hectic lifestyle.

We invite all of you to join us for this workshop in a pleasant location surrounded by nature, silence, and good energy in order to deepen your practice and re-center yourselves. The workshop will create an opportunity to climb to a new level toward self-awakening.

Olga Pavlova and Joao Albergaria are two Yoga teachers well known in Beirut. With genuine and intense commitment to Yoga, they will give you their knowledge, experience, and energy to help you cultivate authenticity and self-awareness as you journey forward on your path.



Check-in from noon onwards, dinner, group meeting with introduction, and walk


Early yoga practice (7 am); 2 vegetarian meals/ tea breaks; lecture/movie; posture clinic (mastering challenging asanas); ying/restorative yoga; sunset walk and evening meditation


Early yoga practice followed by brunch, trip to cedars, tea/snack, second yoga practice (optional), departure

Price for weekend $220. Registration upon payment.

Early Bird Discount 10% if paid before 26th of May 2011.

All accommodation is shared.

For any questions contact us:

Joao +961 71 534146

Olga +961 3 298755


Sunday May 29 / 2011 – PUBLIC MEDITATION at Parliament Square in Down town beirut

Coordinated with 40+ cities across the world!, some cities in previous months have had over 200 people!

We’ll start arriving around 11:30 to connect with others before the meditation begins. At 12 we will spread throughout the square, naturally sitting, being conscious to keep public pathways open.

Then the 1 hour seated silent meditation begins! You can come for all of it, part of it, or kick back and bask in the peace.

No experience necessary except coming to enjoy the experience!

MedMob’s Goal:

1. To expose the World to meditation through public display of meditation.

2. To create an environment for people from all walks of life to come together in meditation.

3. To come together as a Global Community to send positive intentions out into the world.

Visit for more details on setting up an event in your city.

This is a Global Community connecting and dedicated to choosing the brightness in life!

You can participate in all or part of the following.

The Meditation:

Noon to 1pm we will be sitting in silent meditation anywhere at Paliament Square. Make sure not to block any public pathways, otherwise, sit anywhere you like… spread out all over the place and lets create a profound experience.

Show up early and connect or you can show up anytime between Noon and 1pm and start sitting.

The Sound Bath:

At 1pm we will begin the sound bath. We will all gather at one spot in front of the station to do an 11 minute sound bath. We will ohmmmm ahhhh, sing our internal voice of realization and expand it into the world. When you hear the sound bath begin just start to congregate in the center.

After the sound bath, the MedMob is officially over and the rest of our Sunday begins!


May 21st 2011 / Starting 3pm  INSPIRATION AND DIALOG CONCERT

Join us in the forthcoming opening of nSITE to celebrate the launch of n, a community learning space for collective creativity and relational leadership – living and working from the heart. A space where architecture, design, living, inhabiting, creating and growing from the heart met. Attached is the invitation for the dialogue leadership concert at 3 pm on Saturday 21.

RSVP by telephone/sms at 03.200716 at the latest by Monday 16 May.


May 1st 2011 / 12pm to 3pm  LAUGHTER YOGA Workshop at HOUNA

With Special Guest from Germany Fabian Cordua “Fabibi”

Price: $ 30

Registration: at Houna Before April 30

(Click HERE for directions)


March 26, 2011 / 8:30 pm EARTH HOUR AT HOME EVENT

At 8.30 PM on Saturday 26 March 2011, lights will switch off around the globe for Earth Hour. From the comfort of your own home, join me for a silent meditation. Commit to sitting down quietly if only for a few minutes or for as long as you can. Place in the forefront of your consciousness the image of a healthy earth and breathe.

When the lights go back on, can you bring to mind what it is you can change in your daily life that will benefit the planet. To share your stories, thoughts and ideas and to get inspiration from what others are doing visit

Together our actions always add up.


March 25 & 26, 2011 h(OM)e Studio
THE ENNEAGRAM meets YOGA EVENT (click on flyer to magnify)


  • March 25-27, 2011
  • Beirut, Lebanon

In this three-day workshop, I am going to share with you the very process that got me to create Peacelights. After dedicating the last fifteen years of my life to a relentless exploration of my inner self and the workings of the human psyche, I am now ready to share what I’ve learned that got me here.
Over these years, I was fortunate to train with remarkable teachers and spiritual masters. While I sat at the feet of one of the greatest humanitarians of our times- observing, practicing, asking questions, and learning all that I could absorb, I finally understood that each of us has a unique and irreplaceable expression and that it is our life purpose. I also understood that for most of us, this life purpose can only be lived when we establish deep connections with like-minded people. Supported and connected, we can then thrive and shine our true selves. At Peacelights, this connection is what we strive for.
Now, I am introducing the foundation of our work at Peacelights is in a live-event where I will share my most profound personal transformation tools and practices for you to get in one weekend what took me years and years of trial and error to discover. This event gathers the jewels of my trainings, my personal process, and my experience while coaching clients privately and in group-settings over the last ten years. My wish is that you use it to create deep and lasting connections in your life.

In the “Remapping Relationships It’s Time to Thrive” workshop you will discover:
•    How to love yourself every day, even when you’re alone or have no money
•    How to transform the toxic relationships in your life and get very clear on whether you should stay or leave.
•    How to navigate the feminine and masculine energies in you and others so you can be energized and not depleted by your daily life.
•    How to develop relationships with family, co-workers and friends that are supportive, respectful, and evolutionary
•    How to release intense emotions such as anger or grief in healthy ways and use them to feel alive and energized, instead of making yourself sick or depressed by pushing them down.
•    How to hook up with your dream team so you can thrive in all aspects of your life!

Friday 5:00 pm-10:00 pm
 / Remapping Relationships Introduction and gathering
This session is available to anyone for $30 and included in the workshop fee for weekend participants.
Saturday 10:00 am-10:00 pm
 / Remapping Relationships Session One
Sunday 10:00 am-6:00 pm
 / Remapping Relationships Session Two

If you are still unsure if this is for you, try the $30 introduction on Friday evening and see for yourself how this process can transform your life!


If you have questions please email or submit the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours. Please note that we can accommodate French speakers in this workshop.

Joumana Rizk


March 20th, 2011, 3:00 pmLEILA HASSEN                                                           108 Salutations, a Ritual of Celebration and Giving

PRICE: LL 30,000

Around the world Yoga Communities celebrate the spring equinox by a charity practice in which body becomes part of the prayer and we join to offer our help to others. All proceeds from this energizing evening of salutations will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Center- Lebanon.

The practice is challenging, invigorating, fun and can be practiced by all levels. If you can’t join us, but still would like to participate, please contact Lila on mobile: 03 711 967 or email:

VENUE: AUB indoor gym room / or pray for a sunny bright day: outdoor amphitheater


February 10/ 11 / 12, 2011 City International School
JULES FEBRE 3 DAY CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS (click on flyer to magnify)